A mission to lead and innovate with mobile services guided by our customers




    Our Vision is to be the recognized leader and preferred mobile services solution for our clients and our user community.


    We ensure the success of each client and user by offering a robust technology solution along with world-class service and support. The company is closely held by its founders who brought over 60 years of banking and financial services experience to the business. The Maxie development team is resident in the U.S. and Mexico and is made up of very experienced financial and mobile platform experts. Because of the nature of the business, Maxie employs compliance officers who constantly monitor the platform to assure regulatory compliance in all area of the business. The company is headquartered in Vista, California a northern suburb of San Diego.

    Maxie is a rapidly growing company whose mission is to deliver a very cost effective bundle of financial services to the mobile population globally. The Maxie Mobile services offered within the domestic U.S. market are oriented toward the traditional underserved population. The products provided consist of services that would normally be provided by a bank if the banks were interested in servicing this demographic. Maxie has assembled a complete financial solution to address the everyday needs of this group.



    Our History

    After months of targeted surveys and pilot testing of the solution, Maxie was born and has been launched to an initial group numbering over 50,000 people and is expanding rapidly with the assistance of Maxie’s partners who have embraced the technology and are marketing it aggressively to their constituents across the country and around the world.


    Maxie LLC. Brought together a very synergistic group of products that can be offered as a single very flexible set of services on a single cloud based platform. The market for these services ranges from meeting the needs of an individual consumer to the international requirements of a multi-billion dollar international corporation. By taking the Maxie platform and combining it with the Domestic Discover and Visa Card, and the international MasterCard products and some added payment services, Maxie Mobile has become a very unique a powerful solution to meet a wide array of needs within the U.S. and throughout the world.