Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Maxie Mobile Wallet?

    The Mobile Wallet is a new, convenient and simple way to make payments and manage your cash without carrying anything more than your phone or a prepaid card. Now you can pay securely with prepaid funds directly from your Maxie Mobile Android smartphone or by using the Maxie Mobile Web APP on any mobile phone with a browser or a PC. The Maxie Mobile Wallet app is free.



    Who can open a Mobile Wallet account?

    Anyone with a Smartphone can download the App from the Google Play Store or access it via a browser on any mobile phone or PC.



    What capabilities are available on Maxie Mobile?

    Maxie allows you to control the cash funds in your account with the Mobile Wallet app which includes:



    Send money instantly across town wallet-to-wallet or around the world for pickup in more than 90 countries.



    Pay bills directly from your phone Top-Up your prepaid mobile phone and you can also top-up a friend or family member’s domestic or international wireless account in over 120 countries



    Included is a personalized, reloadable prepaid card linked to your Mobile Wallet account that you can use anywhere Discover or Visa is accepted globally



    Load more and spend more.



    Send up to $500 per transfer to other Mobile Wallet accounts instantly.



    What are the limits for the Maxie Mobile Wallet accounts?

          1. How much you can load per day – $5,000 or the total on the debit card whichever is greater

          2. How many times I can load it per day? No limit

          3. What is the maximum spending in the wallet? $999.00

          4. How many times I can transfer money wallet to wallet? No limit

          5. Maximum load in the wallet? $10,000



    Are there any fees with a Mobile Wallet account or the Discover Prepaid card?

    Mobile Wallet accounts and the Discover and Visa Prepaid card have minimum fees attached. See a simple summary of fees and costs in the What the Costs section, in your Terms and Conditions sheet, that you received with you card.



    How do I sign up for an account?

    Sign up online (www.maxiemobile.net) or download the Maxie Mobile Wallet app from the Google Play Store (Maxie mobile) and register a new account directly from your phone of PC. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes and some basic personal information. No bank accounts. No credit checks. You’re up and running.


    Note that you must be at least 18 years of age to open a Maxie Mobile Wallet account. Maxie is required to verify your account and social security information in order to protect you. When you sign-up you gain immediate access to your Maxie Mobile Wallet and a virtual Discover Prepaid card. If you select the physical card, we will automatically send you a personalized version of your Discover card in about 7 – 10 days following your sign-up. There is no cost to you for the Maxie Wallet and a minimum cost for the card(s).



    Can I have more than one Maxie Mobile Wallet account?

    We only allow one Mobile Wallet per customer. That way, you get the best experience possible without having to juggle multiple accounts. We like to keep things easy for you.



    Can I link a bank account to my Mobile Wallet account?

    Yes, you can. The Maxie Mobile Wallet is a completely prepaid product. Load it up with cash, or with your bank account and start spending instantly..



    Where can I get the Mobile Wallet app?

    Mobile Wallet is available to download from our web app www.maxiemobile.net and coming soon from the Google Play Store for anyone eighteen years old and above.



    Which phones are supported by the Mobile Wallet App?

    MAXIE supports every form of mobile communications and all models of mobile phones including:






              -Web Mobile

              -Any phone