MAXIE is the convenient mobile bank for the 68 million under-served populations and for all those who prefer the simplicity of managing their spending outside of traditional banking and credit relationships.

  • MAXIE offers the highest level of Banking and Processor security, due diligence and compliance:

    -All deposits are FDIC insured

    -Full Know Your Customer (KYC) validation on all wallet and debit card users

    -OFAC check

    -Limits based upon amount of information supplied

    -For higher limits more KYC information required and validated

    -Velocity limits based upon merchant ID

    -AML compliant on all transactions



    MAXIE supports every form of mobile communications and all models of mobile phones including:

    - iPhone

    - Android

    - Java/Feature

    - Blackberry

    - Web Mobile

    - Any phone



    MAXIE services today’s “cash preferred” market with valuable benefits including:

    - Bill payment

    - Prepaid phone top up – U.S. + 80 other countries

    - Cross border remittance – U.S. to Latin America and beyond

    - Free long distance calling

    - Embedded virtual debit card enables on-line purchasing

    - Debit card provides ATM access and retail purchasing at over 2.0 million retailers and banks

    - Person to person instant payments

    - Check cashing

    - Bank account transfer